The 1 tool you need for Instagram-worthy nail art

/ Source: TODAY

With all the gorgeous nail art floating around the internet these days, it's easy to get overly ambitious and end up with a serious Pinterest fail on your hands. Yikes!

Luckily, this nail art hack is about as easy as they come. The experts at Paintbox showed TODAY how to get a Instagram-worthy manicure in a snap. All you need is thin striping tape (you can find it any local beauty supply store) and a pair of scissors to elevate a basic manicure.

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Follow the steps below and get ready to show off your professional-looking mani.

T is for ... Tape

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

1. Prep the nail and apply base coat and gel color. Allow to dry well.

2. Cut a piece of striping tape to fit the width of the nail. There are plenty of colors and textures from which to choose!

3. With a pair of tiny scissors, trim the tape 1 mm shorter on each side to allow the top coat to seal.

4. Apply top coat and allow the gel to dry thoroughly.

Pro tip: Striping tape works best with gel polishes because regular paint isn't strong enough to hold the tape in place.