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Mystery solved! Couple from stunning Yosemite wedding photo identified

Photographer Mike Karas launched a social media search for the mystery bride and groom, and the couple just came forward.
/ Source: TODAY

The mystery newlyweds pictured in a spectacular sunset shot at Yosemite National Park are a mystery no more!

Photographer Mike Karas launched a social media search for the couple last week after stumbling on the amazing scene by chance, and his efforts have paid off. Bride Catherine Mack has come forward to thank Karas for the photo of her and her groom, Rick Donald.

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"The story behind this slightly epic shot of us ... This special moment was caught by Mike Karas who we don't know (at all), he was just taking a sunset shot and we happened to wander into it," Mack explained to her followers on Instagram before addressing Karas and those who helped him. "Thanks for looking for us far and wide, you certainly caught our attention - you all know how to get the word out there."

Karas even got a word with Mack directly.

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"She was laughing and happy about the photo and the whole story and loved it," he told TODAY via email. "She didn't know how big exactly the story had become."

Not that Mack or Donald mind being in the spotlight. In fact, if Karas had captured their faces in the photo, he would have likely learned their identities much sooner.

Both Mack and Donald are small screen stars in Australia.

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