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By Lance Booth and Elizabeth Murray

The greatest, boldest and most creative facial hair was honored on Saturday at the Just For Men World Beard and Moustache Championships in Portland, Oregon. 

The competition, held at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront and Keller Auditorium, awarded 18 titles in categories ranging from "Dali" to "Fu Manchue" and "Freestyle Full Beard."

Craig Mitchelldyer / Today

More than 300 contestants representing nine foreign countries competed in the event, which isn't just about bigger and better facial hair, but rather moustaches and beards that enhance, "appearance, style and personality."

Craig Mitchelldyer / Today

The event, however, was not without controversy. Another World Beard and Moustache Championship protested the Portland event on Friday, calling the event "a fraud." But that didn't stop an intense competition, which even included a fortune telling booth held by a bearded lady. 

Attendee at the Just For Men World Beard and Moustache Championships getting his fortune told by a bearded mystic lady..Craig Mitchelldyer / Today

Check out some of the most impressive winners here:

The "Just For Men World Beard and Moustache Championships" highlighted the best and boldest examples of facial hair from across the globe in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 25.