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/ Source: TODAY
By Scott Stump

As the weather warms up, women are bracing themselves for a troubling but inevitable sight: bro toes.

That's right, Men everywhere are stepping out in sandals and flip-flops for the summer.

Chunky sandals that have become a trend for the ladies are a growing staple of many guys' wardrobes.

A new article in The Boston Globe says that more men are wearing flip-flops and sandals, but many women are just not into it.

One woman told the Globe men's sandals were "a fashion war crime that should be tried at The Hague."

However, there's at least one woman who is fine with the look. TODAY anchor Sheinelle Jones weighed in on the 3rd hour of TODAY on Thursday.

"I don't mind it,'' she said. "(My husband) wears flip-flops, and unapologetically so."

Craig Melvin copped to wearing them, but only in certain settings, like the beach. You won't see him slapping around 30 Rock in a pair of Rainbow Sandals.

Some women urge men to get a pedicure or groom their toenails before opting for flip-flops all summer. Getty Images

"I've never been to work in flip-flops," Craig said.

For Al Roker, wearing flip-flops is more of a comfort issue. He doesn't like the band that slides between the toes.

"I hate that feeling,'' Al said. "It bothers me."

The search platform Lyst, which aggregates products from thousands of fashion stores, found that views of chunky sandals are up 31 percent this year, and searches for "rubber sandals" have spiked 34 percent since March.

But when it comes to polarizing fashion, flip-flops and "mandals" are right up there with guys showing off their man thighs in short shorts or wearing bulky, saggy cargo shorts.

There's also the matter of flip-flops being terrible for your feet. Of all the emergency room visits due to shoe-related injuries, 27,000 were associated with flip-flops in 2016, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

However, sandals do have their defenders. No less a fashion icon than Kanye West was spotted rocking them all last summer.

Even though The Guardian says that socks and sandals are an honest-to-God trend, who really wants to be the guy at the beach wearing them like a tourist?

"Now that's unacceptable,'' Craig said about the look.

For those proud wearers of flip-flops, TODAY has you covered with the 10 best styles for this summer, as well as some tips to take care of your feet when you're out in the heat.