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Molly & Jason

Playa Del Rey, California

About the bride: Molly is a 36-year-old mortgage broker from Playa Del Rey, California.

About the groom: Jason is 37 years old and the president of StarWaggons, a studio location equipment company in California.

Time together: 2 1/2 years

Engagement date: February 16, 2006

Why he's the one: "Jason takes care of me, whether I'm at my best or my worst. He steps up in every way."

Why she's the one: "There's just something about her. She has an infectious energy and a mischievous spark in her eye."

When Molly and Jason first met, they were both dating other people. Lucky for them, love knows no time restraints and 10 years later, they ran into each other again. There was unstoppable chemistry that drew Molly and Jason together yet again. It was meant to be, and Jason wasn't going to let her get away again.

The couple shared their first kiss after a romantic second date, a kiss that made a lovestruck Molly swoon. But Molly wasn't prepared for the news that was soon to come. Her mom had relapsed and succumbed to a ongoing battle with cancer. Having had her biological father pass away when Molly was younger, this great loss crushed Molly.

It was an extremely trying time for Molly, but it was also a time when Jason proved to be the calm in her storm. He was able to fill a void for Molly that she thought could never be filled again. Jason took great care of Molly and her grieving family, and Molly knew that she wanted this man to be there for her, forever.

During vacation in Hawaii, the couple challenged each other to a game of tennis. Molly won, and as the couple walked up to center court to shake hands, Jason got down on one knee. At first, Molly had no idea what he was doing but as Jason pulled out the ring, an overwhelmed Molly didn't hesitate to say yes. As she ran to call her friends and family, Jason revealed he had one more surprise for her.

Jason had asked Molly's stepfather to write a letter on behalf of Molly's late mother, expressing her thoughts on Molly's future engagement to Jason. Molly couldn't believe Jason's thoughtfulness to include her mother in this momentous event. Jason told her that he chose to propose at a moment during which he could feel Molly's mother's presence, in the cloudless blue sky, right there above the tennis courts.

Molly's wish now is to spend the rest of her life with a man who proved he was strong enough to be there for her always, and Jason is more than ready to share his future with the woman of his dreams.