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These realistic mannequins have stretch marks, freckles and vitiligo

These "manne-queens" look more like real women — and they're gorgeous!
/ Source: TODAY

Sick of seeing store mannequins that don’t even remotely resemble you? British fashion brand Missguided feels the same way, and they’re taking steps to make their mannequins look a bit more lifelike.

The trendy retailer - available online in the U.S. - just released brand new mannequins in two of its U.K. storefronts and they’re catching attention for their refreshingly realistic looks.

Finally, mannequins that have realistic features!
Finally, mannequins that have realistic features!Missguided

The new mannequins are ethnically diverse and are rocking some real-girl features, like stretch marks and freckles.

The body positive move is an extension of the brand's #MakeYourMark campaign.
The body positive move is an extension of the brand's #MakeYourMark campaign.Missguided

You'll even find one mannequin looking fabulous with a headscarf and another totally owning her vitiligo marks.

The diverse and realistic mannequins are gorgeous.
The diverse and realistic mannequins are gorgeous.Missguided

Missguided announced the new "Manne-queens," as they're calling them, on its Twitter page this week.

In a press release for the new mannequins, Missguided said they wanted to represent real women, and are "committed to changing attitudes to positive body image within the fashion industry and inspiring self-love." The brand is known for its body positive attitude, and created a #MakeYourMark campaign last December, which featured gorgeous un-retouched photos of women of all shapes and sizes.

Missguided doesn't have a physical storefront in the U.S. just yet, so for now you'll have to travel abroad to one of two UK locations -Westfield Stratford and Bluewater Kent - to get a look at the mannequins IRL. Or, you can admire them from afar and hope that other U.S.-based stores follow suit!