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/ Source: TODAY
By Donna Freydkin

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Her new movie, "Ocean's 8," is a certified hit. In it, Mindy Kaling plays a jeweler who helps a blue-chip cast pull off the ultimate heist.

In real life, she's just a working mom with a baby, Katherine, at home. At heart, Kaling said she's just a comedy writer who likes to be comfortable and chic. "I love putting together looks and outfits," she said.

And like most new moms, she's figuring out how to balance the whole work and kid thing while still taking care of herself — looking vaguely human while functioning on very little shut-eye.

So, she's thankful that she found a brand she loves: Joanna Vargas, created by (and named for) a New York-based aesthetician with an A-list clientele including Naomi Watts and Elisabeth Moss. Yes, it can be pricey, but as celebrity complexions can attest, it's very worth it.

Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash, $40, Amazon

"I use all her products from her skin care," said Kaling.

Joanna Vargas Bamboo Charcoal Soap, $22, Amazon

She uses the brand every night.

Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum, $100, Amazon

“There’s this thing from Joanna Vargas — she’s amazing. She has this thing called Rejuvenating Serum. I had a baby and I don’t sleep and I still breastfeed her. I’m up at all times. My skin has never looked better," said Kaling. "And I’m not sponsored by it. I just love her."

The line is also sold at Nordstrom.

Kaling also said she wants to make one thing abundantly clear: If she tells you she likes something, it's because she actually does, and not because someone is paying her to say so. Case in point: her latest makeup discovery, from one of the industry's most respected brands.

Nars x Erdem Strange Flowers Eyeshadow Palette, $40, Nordstrom

"I've been using the Nars Erdem collection. The colors are so incredible. They're really beautiful," she said.

You can also scoop up items at Sephora.

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