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Mindy Kaling chops her hair! See her chic long bob

The fifth season of "The Mindy Project" has premiered, and Mindy Kaling marked the occasion with a super-sharp haircut.
/ Source: TODAY

Mindy Kaling's got some new hair and we are loving it!

After a long, torturous summer of waiting out a serious cliff-hanger, the fifth season of "The Mindy Project" premiered on Hulu this week, and the show's creator and star celebrated by showing off her brand new style on Instagram: a super-sharp lob, or long bob.

The hilarious actress posted several shots of her fresh cut as she got ready to publicize her show on several talk showsearlier this week.

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Fans of "The Mindy Project" know that Kaling's girly character is best known for sporting long, softly curled locks along with colorful, patterned outfits and bold accessories. And, until recently, Kaling's real-life hair naturally followed suit.

Her new cut, however, is a shoulder-length style with subtle layers that is already proving to be incredibly versatile. In just one day, her lob went from smooth and sleek early in the day, to a piecey, softly waved look at another appearance that afternoon.

The shorter style also gives Kaling a chance to get back to her roots, literally. Her long locks were often colored, usually highlighted in an ombré style, but her current hair looks dark and glossy and, we're guessing, is pretty darn close in color to her natural shade.

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We won't share any spoilers about whether Mindy chose Danny of Jody on her show, but we will say that her new hairstyle hasn't made it to the screen quite yet (what with the time it takes to produce a TV show and all), so if you're in the mood for another look at Mindy's "before," take note when you tune into the latest season.

We think you'll agree that long or short, this funny lady can do no wrong.