Miley Cyrus gets naked on Twitter (for charity)!

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Miley Cyrus naked Marc Jacobs

If we told you Miley Cyrus posted a very revealing photo of herself on social media, you'd hardly consider that news, right? The star has been known for fearlessly baring tons of skin—gratuitous, eye-rolling amounts of skin. But here's what's new: This time she's doing it for charity. And she's taken it all off.

On Twitter last night, the star revealed her latest collaboration with Marc Jacobs' Protect the Skin You're In campaign, a mission to raise funds for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute, showing a photo of herself totally naked while strategically covering her private bits with her hands.

You can show off skin too—hers, not yours, that is—by scooping up one of the shirts baring the image. They're are available beginning today at select Marc Jacobs boutiques around the country.

We say props to Miley for aligning her well-known propensity for exhibitionism with an important message and fund-raising mission this time. Twerk it, girl!\

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