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/ Source: TODAY
By Donna Freydkin

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Not only is "Venom" star and multiple Oscar nominee Michelle Williams a gifted actress, she also has the kind of flawless, poreless, porcelain complexion dreams are made of. Sure, she may prefer to make her own face scrubs. But she also works with some of the industry's best beauty gurus.

"I can’t take the full credit. She’s one of those clients who participates in the process," said her longtime makeup artist, Angela Levin. "She’s very good, gets lots of water, no alcohol, and goes to wonderful places for facials before a big event. It all makes a big difference."

For Williams, Levin switches between a half-dozen different foundations, depending on how she's feeling. But the rest of her go-to products are fairly consistent.

Her skin care and beauty secrets

LANCER The Method: Polish, $75, Sephora

Also available at Dermstore.

"She uses Dr. Lancer stuff for everyday maintenance. She uses the polish," said Levin.

DIOR Diorshow Mascara, $30, Sephora

Also available at Neiman Marcus.

"The mascara that I use on her is the Diorshow that I absolutely love. It’s the color and the consistency and how easily it goes on. The brush is a strong player. When you apply it, it’s a jet shining black. It doesn’t tend to run," said Levin.

Aquaphor Lip Repair, $4, Amazon

"We try to take a hot washcloth and lay it on the lips and wipe the lips to take away the dead skin. You have to be very gentle. I use a combination of Aquaphor and the Clarins lip oil. Dr. Hauschka, I put on her as well," said Levin.

CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, $26, Saks

Also available at Ulta.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm, $17, Dermstore

We asked Williams what she does at home to get her flawless glow away from the red carpet.

She doesn’t cram her bathroom with pricey potions and serums. “I’m really not the coolest. It’s totally DIY. I’m all about content over packaging,” said Williams.

But surely she has one favorite go-to?

"I’m thinking, as I’m sitting here picking at my lips,” said Williams. “What is one thing that I truly love? I love a good face scrub. I try to do a scrub every day. I’m a big scrubber. I use anything I can get my hands on. I usually do some sort of home mix — anything you can exfoliate with. I made something in the kitchen the other day. I put some yogurt with some canned pumpkin and it works, and it had honey in it. I don’t want to oversell it but worked.”