Michelle Obama's biggest fashion regret? Those gray shorts 

Image: Michelle Obama departs an airplane wearing gray shorts.

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By Danielle Brennan

The first lady always looks stylish and picture perfect, but like many women, she has one particular look she now second-guesses.

During an interview on BET's "106 & Park" on Tuesday, Michelle Obama said she doesn't have many fashion regrets but admitted she does regret the time she wore shorts while stepping off of Air Force One because it "created a huge stink." 

The "huge stink" she's referring to happened in August 2009, when the Obamas took a family vacation to the Grand Canyon. The nation was torn about Michelle Obama's look. Some felt it was inappropriate, while others loved it because it showed a first lady who was comfortable in her own skin .

All in all, Michelle Obama stands by her fashion decision, because they were on vacation. But she also said she won't wear shorts again when getting off of Air Force One.

That wasn't all she shared on "106 & Park." During a game called the "Bowl of Randomness," the first lady revealed what she misses from her old life, how often the president sings, and her guilty pleasures.

As the first lady, she can pretty much get anything except anonymity, and that's the one thing she misses the most.

"I long to walk out that front door, go to CVS and buy some toothpaste," she revealed.

When she's not shopping in Target, the first lady is often at home in the White House getting serenaded by her husband, President Obama.

"He sings all the time," Michelle Obama says. "He's in the bathroom all the time just singing. He'll ask, 'Want me to sing something for you?'"

And while the first lady is very passionate about exercising and eating your vegetables, when it comes to her guilty pleasures, she's got some not-so healthy items on her list.

"Garrett's popcorn, pizza, French fries."

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The first lady looks as sophisticated in designer dresses as she does in outfits from J. Crew.