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An inside look at what really happens at the Met Gala

The Met Gala is referred to as the Super Bowl of fashion events — and it feels like it.
/ Source: TODAY

The Met Gala is referred to as the Super Bowl of fashion events — and it feels like it.

Celebrities and designers unite for one fabulous night a year to celebrate art, fashion and where they collide. But let’s be honest: For most of us, it’s about who walks in with who and what they are wearing. It was my first time covering the Met Gala red carpet and it did not disappoint.

Here’s a raw and super real run down of my whole experience!

April 28 - 30

First and foremost: What am I going to wear? I mean it’s the Met Gala! They don’t call it fashion’s biggest night for no reason. Even the press is required to wear black tie.

I knew I wanted to play into this year’s theme honoring Comme Des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo (don’t worry, I had to look it up, too). I also knew that I wanted to support and showcase as many Indian designers as I could. It’s also the 11th hour by the way! I can’t tell you how perfectly it worked out that the my friend’s showroom, The Fashion Edit, happened to be having a pop-up that day with the amazing designer Vaishali S in attendance. Her pieces are works of art in clothing form. I walked in and the first dress I tried on was the one. It was one of those moments where you put it on and say “this is it."

OK, so I had a dress but needed to figure out accessories! Luckily my girlfriend and celeb stylist, Calvy Click, made time to help me out, even though she was fully busy helping Katy Perry (yes, THE Katy Perry). She came over and turned my apartment into a girl’s dream closet. I looked on one side of my apt and saw Jimmy Choo shoes all lined up and ready to wear; on the other side, there was a pile of gorgeous clutches from which I could choose. If this was a dream, I was praying no one would pinch me because I didn’t want to wake up.

Calvy also exposed me to some of the biggest red carpet tricks of the trade. There were so many hacks I didn’t even know were a reality.

Here’s some tips:

  1. A steamer is a must! Dresses get wrinkled very easily and smaller and the more portable, the better. I got this PurSteam on Amazon for less than $30 bucks!
  2. Dry spray deodorant will reduce your anxiety. I now use it daily instead of a traditional anti-perspirant, but specifically for events when I don’t want to risk white marks. This one from Dove is my go-to and smells so fresh.
  3. Double-sided tape helps keep rings from falling off. Good to know!
  4. Protect your makeup and hair by covering it up before putting on your dress. You will look insane for a few seconds but it’s worth it. Calvy got a shield from Ricky’s cosmetics store. Seriously, what a genius concept.
  5. Wear the appropriate undergarments. My dress was slightly see-through, but I wanted to make sure that what I wore underneath my gown was comfortable to wear all night. I got my bra and underwear from Warners and they worked perfectly. Zero pinching, zero wires, just comfy and secure.

Last order of business: nails! I felt like it had to be chrome nails. It just felt right. I spent most of my Sunday trying to find a place that was open, did chrome nails and had time to do mine. Around 3 p.m., I found success at a cute little spot in the West Village that I used to go to when I lived around there.

May 1

9 a.m. It was the big day! I had one hour until the photographer was coming and two hours until makeup arrived. I thought to myself, what would the stars do? I put on a celeb favorite 24k Adore Organic gold mask that I got in a PR bundle once, my Crest teeth whitening light and answered my emails. Always multitasking!

11 a.m. In between doing Kelly Ripa’s makeup that morning and going to do Blake Lively’s makeup afterward, Kristofer Buckle still made time to do my makeup for the big night! He is such a creative genius. I didn’t give him any guidance, and let him have fun with it. As expected, I loved the final outcome.

1 p.m. Now for hair! I knew having anyone from the Oribe team come over meant something edgy and fun was going to come out of it, and that’s exactly what happened. My friend Davide really pushed me out of my comfort zone and wanted to try something that really played into this year’s theme. He started to crochet lace into my hair and I kind of just zoned out and let him go wild. The outcome was fierce and when I got the carpet I appreciated him even more because so many celebs played with lace in their hair this year. It’s like he knew!

3:15 p.m. I had 45 minutes to get my dress on (it was a process because it’s so delicate), my bag together, and take some full outfit shots. I also was starving! Time was ticking and so was my heart at this point! Let the adrenaline begin ...

4:45 p.m. Somehow it was 15 minutes until the end of press check-in, but we were somehow able to get my press badge and outfit shots in with that much time. Adrenaline is steadily increasing at this point!

5:15 p.m. - Press is lined up and ready to go! I run into my girlfriend and Vogue beauty editor, Jenna Rennert, who was getting ready to interview some of the evening’s biggest names. We of course make time to grab a picture together! Fun fact: We met this time last year at the annual Met Gala kick-off party. I said I'd be there next year ... and here we are! Also, a surprising new blue-and-white carpet replaces the traditional red carpet of the iconic Met stairs.

5:50 p.m. Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, the queen of the night (and really the queen of fashion), arrives on time per usual.

6 p.m. This year’s gala co-chairs arrive promptly after Anna. You may have heard of them — just some small names like Tom Brady, his wife Gisele, Pharrell and, oh, this girl Katy Perry.

6:10-8:50 p.m. For more than two hours, I watched the most amazing assortment of celebrities walk the carpet. I was lucky enough to stand next to Vogue’s legendary Suzy Menkes which led to some of the night’s biggest names coming by to say hello. I hope you caught it all on the TODAY Show Snapchat, but if not, here are some highlights below!

9 p.m. A grand finale by Celine Dion (who makes her first ever Met carpet appearance).

9:10 p.m. The carpet is clear and I have no shame: It's time to get on the flats. After five hours in heels, I pretty much can’t feel my feet at this point. Luckily.

10 p.m. Tonight was magical and such an incredible experience, but now it’s back to reality. I get home and pack up all the stuff I was loaned, take off my makeup and get in bed to do some work and shoot off some emails. A little less glamorous than my previous few hours.

May 2nd

1 a.m. It's officially put my phone down. Need to get some rest. Goodnight!

Thanks to everyone who followed along my @TODAYStyle and TODAY Show snapchat takeover! Hope you had as much fun as I did.

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