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Melissa McCarthy's hair evolution: From high school to 'Gilmore Girls' and beyond

On Melissa McCarthy's birthday, here's a look back at her hair changes through the years. From 'Gilmore Girls' to 'Spy,' see her evolution.
/ Source: TODAY

Here's the thing about Melissa McCarthy: Not only is she shamelessly funny, scarily talented and whip smart — she also has really, really good hair.

Not only is Melissa McCarthy shamelessly funny, scarily talented and whip smart, she also has really, really good hair. See her evolution!

A lot of times, we're all too busy peeling ourselves off the ground in pools of laughter to take a look at her strands, but allow yourself to reconsider. We'll start with the color, which leans ginger, auburn and sometimes fiery red, although she's also had more sultry moments of lush brunette and buttery blonde.

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Just think of the shiny, amber locks during her days as Sookie on "Gilmore Girls." (We can only hope the look will return for the reboot!)

And she's the master of a great cut, whether it be a shoulder-length bob, face-framing layers or even a flirty sweep of long bangs. (Was anyone else taking notes for their hairstylist while watching "Spy?") McCarthy isn't super edgy, she's never had blue hair or shaved her scalp bald.

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Instead, she shows up to movie after movie, show after show and red carpet after red carpet, with polished, pretty hair that looks darn good. There's nothing funny about it, so her adorable personality and fantastic humor can really shine.

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