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Meet the Tweexy: Genius nail polish accessory aims to banish smudges and spills

Easiest. Manicure. Ever.
/ Source: TODAY

Do you know what it feels like to fall in love with a tiny piece of hot pink silicone? Do you?!

Well, get ready. You're about to find out.

At least, I just did. Behold: the "Tweexy." It's a wearable polish gadget that sits on two fingers of your hand so that you can polish your nails just about anywhere: the car, the couch, at the beach, at the movies, in class, on a jog, while bungee-jumping, on safari, wherever.

Of course, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. (Case in point.) Right atop your white duvet cover seems risky. Maneuvering your way through a crowded intersection while pushing a baby carriage and holding three bags of groceries? Yeah, no. Not your brightest idea.

But the point is, now, you can.

And why not? The Tweexy claims to secure any bottle, even when your hand's upside down. Just think: You can now take calls mid-manicure (though that, too, is a bit bold).

According to the company, the little mold fits all finger sizes and "every size nail polish bottle" thanks to its flexible frame. So there's no need to buy special polish. Or fingers.

Say no more, Tweexy manufacturers. We're hooked.