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/ Source: TODAY
By Embry Roberts

The theory that "my love will keep me warm" sounds nice, but let's be honest ... most of us need a bit more than that once the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Stiff, frozen fingers really put a damper on the fantasy of walking through a winter wonderland, hand-in-warm-blooded-hand with your lover.

That is, until now.

Meet Smittens, the frostbite-fighting, PDA-enabling mittens made for two.

Two hands. Two hearts. One mitten.

Well, actually, three mittens. Each set, which will run you $35-$37, comes with one oversized, two-headed mitten and two normal-sized mittens. You know, for the hand that doesn't have love to keep it warm.

There are kids' sizes, too!
There are kids' sizes, too!Courtesy of Smittens

Sets come in sizes small (toddler), medium (youth/adult), and large (adult), which can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.

"I brainstormed the idea of Smittens while on a romantic walk with my husband," writes founder Wendy Feller on the Smittens website. "We were trying to hold hands through our bulky mittens, when it dawned on me to create a mitten that was large enough for both our hands. That way, I thought, we could truly hold hands."

Talk about a love for all seasons.

And, in case you're not feeling warm and fuzzy enough already, Smittens are made right here in the USA.

We can't think of a better holiday gift for the couple that has everything. (Except frostbite. Nobody needs that.)