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Meet the Silisponge, a makeup tool that looks like a bra insert

It might look like a push-up bra insert, but the Silisponge could help you use less makeup and spend less time cleaning your brushes.
/ Source: TODAY

How important is dignity to you while applying your makeup?

Because this new makeup sponge is kind of brilliant ... but also kind of looks like a push-up bra insert being rubbed all over your face.

Nobody needs to know, right?

Meet the Silisponge, a makeup applicator by online brand Molly Cosmetics that people are calling "the next Beautyblender." It's made of non-toxic Silicone and retails for under $10 (if you can snag one between limited production runs, that is).

So, why Silicone? "The material is non-porous, so it does not soak in any 'wet' cosmetics like liquid or stick foundations, cream concealers or cream blushes as you apply makeup," explained Fifi Yee, director of Molly Cosmetics. "This means the amount of product that you need to use would be about half of what you'd usually use with a brush or sponge."

Did you hear that? Half.

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"It also allows for a super easy clean up — only mild soap and lukewarm water are needed," Yee continued. "Patting it on towels will immediately dry it, so you can put it away instantly." (Compared to the song-and-dance that most makeup brushes and sponges require, this sounds like a cinch!)

Durability is also a factor. "The material is quite tough. As long as you keep it away from sharp objects like your tweezer or brow scissors, it will last a very long time," said Yee.

When will its reflection show who it is inside?Courtesy of Molly Cosmetics

Now that you're sold, good luck getting your hands on one. After floating the idea to their following, the indie cosmetics line reached out to a manufacturer about small-scale production. "We were thinking maybe we'd sell 10 or 20," said Yee.

Needless to say, they were unprepared (but grateful) for the wildly popular reception. The product is currently sold out on the Molly Cosmetics website, but expected to restock within 48 hours.

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If that sounds like 48 hours too long, you could go the DIY route, as many YouTubers have tried by using actual push-up bra inserts to create a "dupe."

"I watched a few of those dupe videos ... some are quite interesting," said Yee. "But we definitely want to remind people that although those bra inserts have similar texture to our SiliSponges, they may not be safe to use as they were not intended or tested directly on bare skin."

Just because it walks and talks like a Silisponge, doesn't mean it'll actually work like one. But, hey, as we said before ... dignity is overrated.

This article was originally published on Dec. 8, 2016 on