Meet the real-life Rapunzel who's taking the Internet by storm

It used to be Disney princesses that gave us unrealistic hair expectations, but one woman from Russia is reminding us of the original gal who started it all — Rapunzel.

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Dashik Gubanova Freckle hasn't cut her hair in 13 years, according to her Instagram profile, and she doesn't plan to do so anytime soon. In fact, she's been on a mission since 2003 to grow out her mane until it reaches her toes. Once she reaches her goal, she plans to donate her hair to be made into numerous wigs for those in need, as a truly charitable princess does.

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Meanwhile, you can gush over her enviable, luscious locks, which fall just past her shins, on her popular Instagram account that's amassed over 123,000 followers.

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Just look at all of the activities that she can still do without her luxurious carpet of auburn locks getting in the way.

She can ride a "motorcycle."


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She can play in the snow.

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She can ride a majestic horse into the sun, like the true princess that she is (seriously, someone get her a castle already).

Обожаю лошадей! Они безумно красивые....

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She's living proof that the upkeep of princess hair is possible, and can actually make a difference. Consider us charmed!