Matt Damon magically grows a man bun and we're transfixed

TODAY is thrilled to announce that we have a new celebrity crush.

You remember Matt Damon, of course.

Well, we're not talking about him. Not really. But we are talking about his hair.

VCG / VCG via Getty Images
Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander attend the 'Jason Bourne' Press Conference at Phoenix Center on August 16, 2016 in Beijing, China.

Matt Damon's Man Bun (henceforth known as MDMB), pictured here at a "Jason Bourne" press conference in Beijing on Wednesday, embodies everything we look for in a partner.

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It's not the first time we've met this adventurous and worldly hairstyle. Damon first introduced us to this stud as a ponytail last year. And it's as comfortable traversing the Great Wall of China ...

... as it is cracking jokes at press conference.

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"Didja hear the one about Ben Affleck's French braid?"
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You're so funny, man bun.

Recently, we've seen that it can be serious, unafraid to let its sensitive side show.

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What's going on in that beautiful ... bun?

Plus, it has serious social-media savvy, laying claim to its own Twitter account.

And it's possibly ... magical? Many are scratching their heads at the logistics, as Damon was photographed sans MDMB just a few weeks ago. Is it a wig? Extensions? The side effect of too many omega-3 fatty acids? Whatever it is, we're about it.

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Even Ellen DeGeneres is not immune to MDMB. The comedian threw down some love for Damon's flowing locks, picture here in an on-trend half-bun.

And while not every TODAY staffer is completely on board with man buns, in general ...

... this is one we can get behind.

Or next to. Wherever you want us, MDMB.

The 45-year-old seems unwilling to commit fully to his man bun, having recently photographed with short salt-and-pepper locks after a brief pony-tailed stint last summer.

Nathan R. Congleton / TODAY
We're sorry, who are you?

We are ready to commit to his man bun, though.

Just think about it, Matt.