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A recent ad is causing an uproar on social media for deeming freckles "imperfections."
/ Source: TODAY

If you google "imperfection," your search is returned by a definition that describes the term as "a fault, blemish or undesirable feature."

So that's why myself (a proud redhead), and many other freckled humans are wondering why, in a recent advertisement, deemed the dainty patches of skin as "imperfections."

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Growing up as a redhead, I was teased for the color of my hair, paleness of my skin, and obvious freckles. I gratefully accepted kind words from adults who reminded me that I was lucky to have those features. Kids in elementary and middle school weren't as generous with the compliments, though.

That's why, when I saw this image, did I feel a fiery passion to weigh in on this controversial image.

The ad, which was discovered in the London Underground reads, "If you don't like your imperfections, someone else will."

While the intentions were sweet, (everyone wants to feel loved, right?) the reactions from passersby haven't exactly matched up.

Some even say the dating service needs to "rethink [their] latest campaign."

Others saying that "there's no perfect or imperfect." Though the campaign's mission is to "celebrate" those differences by encouraging individuals to tweet using the hashtag #loveyourimperfections.

But the ad strikes a personal nerve with redheads worldwide, most responding to the service using sarcasm to display their feelings of disapproval.

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"We have taken note of the response about our advert concerning freckles. Following this feedback, we are in discussions with our relevant partners about removing these posters as soon as possible."

"We believe freckles are beautiful. The intention of our ‘Love Your Imperfections’ campaign is to focus on the quirks and idiosyncrasies that people wrongly perceive to be imperfections — this can include freckles, a feature that is sometimes seen as an imperfection by people who have them. We’re sorry if this ad has been interpreted in a different way and we apologize for any offense caused, this was not our intention."

"Our overall campaign is all about celebrating perceived imperfections, from having freckles to being chubby, messy or clumsy, which we believe to be charming. The adverts are designed to encourage everyone to be proud of their individuality, as the features that make us unique are often the ones that make us most attractive."

I think I speak for the fellow redheads of the world in saying, we're going to keep rocking our freckles with pride.