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/ Source: TODAY
By Lindsay Lowe

Combing the racks for hidden treasures is part of the fun of shopping at Marshalls — but soon, you won’t have to get out of bed to snag deals from the discount retailer.

Marshalls is jumping into the world of online shopping, the store’s parent company, The TJX Companies, recently announced.

“We are excited to confirm that the surprising Marshalls shopping experience our customers love will be available to shoppers online sometime later this year,” a Marshalls spokesperson told TODAY Style in an email.

The one catch is, there won’t be much overlap between the products available in stores and online. The company says they want the website to complement, but not replace, physical Marshalls locations.

Marshalls has long been a mecca for bargain hunters.Getty Images

“We expect the Marshalls e-commerce site to offer a mix of merchandise that differs from what our customers will find in our stores,” the spokesperson said.

So, it could still be worth visiting your local store to sift through the racks for unexpected finds.

“We’re convinced that the ability to touch and feel merchandise will continue to resonate with consumers despite the growth of online retail overall,” Ernie Herrman, CEO of TJX Companies, said in a recent call with investors.

There are discounts on everything from shoes to kitchenware.Getty Images

The company wasn’t able to confirm exactly what kinds of products will be available online — whether it’s mainly clothes, or also home decor, bath and body products, and all the other eclectic items that shoppers have come to expect from the discount retailer.

The company has not said whether items like bath products will be available on the website.Getty Images

But if the website is anything like the physical stores, shoppers could easily visit looking for one blouse, and also come away with a scented candle, a flower pot, and a set of throw pillows.

You weren't shopping for a throw pillow, but you''ll probably walk away with one or two. Getty Images currently exists, but it mostly serves as a platform for photos and information about its retail locations.

The company hasn’t confirmed exactly when online shopping will launch, but they are aiming for the second half of the year, Herrman said.

In the meantime, shoppers will have to keep scouring the racks and shelves for bargains!