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'Married in New York' celebrates the joy of city hall weddings

'Married in New York' is the latest wedding Instagram account we are admiring - and for good reason.
/ Source: TODAY

Looking for a new Instagram account to swoon over? Allow us to introduce you to Married in New York.

Created by photographer Natasha Jahangir, the account celebrates modern-day love stories of couples who've chosen to have their special day at city hall.

The stunning images represent the diversity of this bustling city, and feature intimate stories of the newly married couples pictured.

“It’s great to say this project is about these people being in love, but it needs to be about more than that,” Jahangir said.

Jahangir was inspired by a college professor and an article she read in National Geographic called "The Changing Face of America." She related the change in the demographic makeup of America to the couples who come to city hall every day to get married.

“At city hall, these people who are getting married are going to inform the decision that will form the community for 2050. We are going to see this progression happen in the next 10-15 years. To see the gradual visualization of it — that would be pretty cool.”

That's when Married in New York was born.

The photos embody the joy of being newlyweds and the changing face of America, as well as the unique style of the various brides and grooms. The wide range of wedding apparel makes these city hall weddings anything but simple. “I assumed that everyone would wear white, but I was wrong,” Jahangir said. From traditional cultural dress, to something over the top, city hall is a place where wedding fashion goes wild.

Here are some of her favorite bridal fashions from the Instagram account:

"The woman was wearing a simple dress from Asos and a star in her hair. It was so classy," Jahangir said.

See more incredible photos of newlyweds on their special day on the "Married in New York" Tumblr and Instagram!