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Mark Wahlberg has a shaved head, and fans are divided

He's not totally bald, but there's not a lot of hair there.

Mark Wahlberg has had a close shave!

A close shave with a hair trimmer, that is: As the "Spenser Confidential" actor revealed on Instagram Thursday, he's decided to go more or less hair-free as we head into summer:

Wahlberg looks buff and is standing in front of a Chevrolet Tahoe next to a man in a beard, but all he has to say about the picture is, "New look."

No kidding!

The extra word in the caption, "@municipal," points us to a sport utility gear and apparel line he co-founded, but that's about all we can learn from this pic.

Commenters, needless to say, have thoughts.

"Oh dear lord, what happened," wrote Scareface197.

"For a sec I thought this was Vin (Diesel)," wrote Maxima_Mac_.

But singer Carnie Wilson was all for it: "Beyond gorgeous."

And Valencia0210 used a lot of fire emojis after writing, "Sooooo handsome."

Netflix Premiere Spenser Confidential
Mark Wahlberg and all of his hair at the premiere of "Spenser Confidential" in February 2020 in Westwood, California.Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for Netflix

But most of the comments seemed either thumbs-down, or full of questions: "You good bro?" asked aejon_stargaryen.

This isn't the first time we've seen Wahlberg with the ready-for-the-Army 'do, though: Back when he was Marky Mark in the 1990s, he showed some scalp in teen magazine shots.

Speculation has it that Wahlberg, 49, went super-short for new hush-hush movie role in "Stu" (he recently put on 20 pounds for that role, as he revealed in a May 3 post), which is filming now.

But for now, the hairy situation remains unconfirmed.