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Manicures at home? Spray-on nail polish is changing the game

Nails Inc. has released a spray-on polish that is said to make at-home manicures a breeze all with the click of a button.
/ Source: TODAY

For those of us who are addicted to salon manicures, let's be honest: While it's relaxing to sit there as someone perfectly grooms your nails, the reason we convince ourselves to shell out the money is because we can't possibly get that perfectly polished look on our own.

Well, UK-based beauty brand Nails Inc. just might be making our at-home manicure dreams come true with their new spray-on nail polish. It's exactly what it sounds like.

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The "paint can," as Nails Inc. calls it, works just like regular nail polish in that it requires a base coat prior to application and a top coat to finish. You simply apply the base coat, spray on the polish until the nails are covered and follow up with a layer of top coat.

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But what happens with all the paint you spray on your fingertips? Nails Inc. claims that with some soap and warm water, you can simply wash the paint right off without ruining your freshly polished nails. It's nearly impossible to mess up!

And if you're in a hurry, they say you can simply grab a facial wipe to scrub off the residue. Woah, if this is really all it takes, then count us in!

The product currently comes in two colors: "Shoreditch Lane," a silver, metallic color, and "Hoxton Market," a light pink.

Nails Inc. says the product won't be available in the US until spring, but we'll be eagerly awaiting. Would you try this trend?