Mandy Moore laughs at her 'really questionable' '90s fashion moments

There's no doubt that Mandy Moore is having a career rebirth since her hit show, "This is Us," premiered. Between her stellar acting and sophisticated style, the actress is one of the coolest chicks in Hollywood, but Moore is quick to remind fans that it hasn't always been that way.

The star reflected on some of her late '90s outfits to People magazine saying, "There were some really questionable choices."

She specifically called out the fringed leather pants look she wore to the Kids' Choice Awards in 2000. Moore paired the busy pants with a relatively subtle black top and some strappy sandals, but we can see how this one would be a cringe-y one to remember!

Jim Smeal / WireImage
Mandy Moore struts her stuff on the red carpet in 2000.

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Because she was technically in her high school years when she started out in the industry at 15, Moore says she has to give herself "a bit of a pass." But she still looks back and laughs at her choice of accessories in the "Candy" music video.

The former teen pop star insisted on tying a piece of leather around her upper arm and she could only explain the fashion statement to People saying, "That was my choice. Yeah."

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Mandy Moore: My parents text me about my 'This Is Us' character

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Mandy Moore: My parents text me about my 'This Is Us' character

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Around that same time, Moore rocked a halter top made entirely of feathers and paired it with a denim skirt with a frayed handkerchief hem — new millennium fashion at its finest!

Evan Agostini / Getty Images
Moore greets fans after launching her album in May 2000.

In keeping with the trends of the time, Moore also strutted her stuff in low-slung pink trousers and pointy pumps. She added a pink-and-black cropped tube top adorned with shooting stars for a pretty epic look.

Frank Micelotta Archive / Getty Images
Moore arrives at an MTV taping in 2001.

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They might not be the type of styles she'd rock now, but Moore's "questionable" choices are a fun blast from the past!