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Man-buns are the hottest new Disneyland attraction

Move over, Mickey Mouse ears! There's a new look taking over the happiest place on earth.
/ Source: TODAY

Move over, Mickey Mouse ears! There’s a new look taking over the happiest place on earth: man-buns. And no, we’re not talking about derrieres!

In case you’re not familiar with the term, a “man-bun,” is a bun-like hairstyle worn by a man. Typically men with long hair wear the ‘do, and though it’s not exactly a new style — (various images of Buddha, for instance, show the sage sporting one), it’s become popular in the last few years, reaching a breakthrough moment in 2014, when Jared Leto donned a particularly magnificent man-bun to the Golden Globes.

Is a man bun ever ok?

Sept. 30, 201501:50

It sounds simple enough, but actually, this hairstyle has mysteriously magical effects on people. Women have been known to squeal with delight when spotting a man with a man-bun. There’s just something devastatingly sexy about a guy with his hair twirled up in school-marm fashion.

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But where to find these man-buns?

The answer is Disneyland. Duh! Why wouldn’t the happiest place on earth have man-buns in abundance?

A new Instagram account called Man Buns of Disneyland has been collecting and posting pictures of guys who have been spotted at the park sporting the style.

The Instagram account, whose bio reads “We love man buns. And Disneyland,” was created by Christy Hall, a 22-year-old college student and nanny living in Pasadena, California.

“I got the idea when I saw a great man-bun in front of me in line for the Jungle Cruise [ride at Disneyland],” Hall told TODAY. “Naturally, my first instinct was to share it so I Snapchatted it to a friend. After that, I spent my day finding man-buns and there were actually quite a lot. So I thought it would be kind of hilarious to share it with more than just friends [and] started the Instagram [account].”

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A Disneyland annual pass holder, Hall frequents the park on a weekly basis, which gives her plenty of opportunities to catch Disney dudes in their man-bun glory.

“It's like a scavenger hunt of sorts,” said Hall. “And it's just another fun thing to do at Disneyland.”

Hall posted the first picture of a bunned man at Disneyland close to six months ago.

The photo netted 155 likes and some epic comments like this one from the user Leslieakay:


This is powerful stuff. Not only do you have a sexy guy in the picture, you have one who is probably a dad actively tending to his child. That in itself is sexy. Then top him off with a cool, confident man-bun. Forget it! We’re swooning like Snow White.

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Over time, the Instagram page, which accepts submissions, has exploded. It’s featured a total of 249 posts and has accrued 53.7k followers. The shop even has an Etsy store, MoonStoneFix, associated with it, where you can purchase a “MBOD (Man Buns of Disneyland)” tank top for $30.

This isn’t the first time Disneyland has been featured as a destination for hot guys. About a year ago the Instagram account “Dilfs__Of__Disneyland” appeared, an homage to the park’s paternal heartthrobs. That page has scored 307k followers.

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While man-buns are everywhere, Hall is committed to keeping the Instagram account Disney-focused, stating that it will continue to exclusively highlight Disneyland and other Disney parks.

“The only exception is ‘Munday,’” said Hall. “Every Monday, we post non-Disneyland submissions to promote dudes with great man-buns.”

You know what today is!