Makeup tricks to hide a hangover

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Partied a little too hard? Get rid of those baggy eyes and dark circles by faking eight hours of sleep with these makeup tricks.

First you need to lose the eye bags, so whether you like to use a refrigerated eye masks or hold chilled spoons or cucumbers over your lids, you need to apply something cold over your eyes for 10 minutes to help relieve the puffiness.

Follow that with an eye tightening serum that contains de-puffing ingredients like agrimony or brown algae. Just massage using light downward strokes with your fingertips to help drain the excess fluid. To help to bring color back to your face, give your cheeks a natural looking flush by using a cream blush in a shade brighter than you would normally wear. Blend into the apples of your cheeks before you apply your foundation. The color will peek through like a natural blush. Before your apply foundation, watch what we do in this makeup step, there's a trick to that as well.

The hint is to mix a bit of illuminating cream in with your foundation. It will do wonders for perking up worn out skin. Just mix a pea-sized amount of an apricot-toned highlighting cream into a nickel-sized amount of your foundation. Now apply the makeup mixture with your fingers or a makeup sponge as usual. You can further brighten your face by applying a light reflective concealer on your dark circles like we're doing here.

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Now it's time for eye shadow. There are a couple of rules when it comes to partied-out eyes. Stick to tope or khaki shades which mask redness on your lids. And go matte. Shimmer can highlight bags and puffiness. Once you have your color picked out, sweep it on your lids from lashline to creases.

And finally for mascara, stay away from high volume and thickening mascara, which can clump and cast more shadows. Instead go for a curling or lengthening formula. To make your lashes look extra long and defined, and your eyes look more awake, use this technique: hold the mascara wand and run it along your lashes from root to tip.

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