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Makeup illuminator gives a natural glow in just seconds

This trendy beauty product has become a must-have for your makeup bag.
/ Source: TODAY

Who can say no to a sun-kissed glow all year-round? We certainly can't!

Illuminator is the one item you should want and actually might need in your makeup bag. A staple on the runways and now one that you'll love, too, illuminator is the one trendy beauty item you can use for just about any occasion. Use a little and add a slight shimmer to your everyday look; add a lot and you can wear the strobing trend with the best of them.

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I is for ... Illuminator

  1. Apply your favorite moisturizer. All good beauty routines start with hydrated skin!
  2. Dip a medium-sized makeup brush into the illuminator of your choice.
  3. Brush it onto the apples of your cheeks. Pro tip: Start at the roundest part of your cheek and move the brush upwards in a diagonal motion.
  4. Now you want to highlight your eyes. Dip a smaller makeup brush into the illuminator and swipe under your brow, start at the middle of the eyebrow and working outwards. Pro tip: Avoid the T-zone area so that you look highlighted — not shiny.

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