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One makeup artist proves beauty has no age limit — see the photos!

One makeup artist's beautiful transformations of women age 45 and up remind us all that age really is just a number.
/ Source: TODAY

One makeup artist's beautiful transformations of women age 45 and up reminds us all that age really is just a number.

Anar Agakishiev, of Baku, Azerbaijan, has been doing hair and makeup since he was a teenager — his celebrity clients include supermodel Irina Shayk and Nicole Scherzinger — but it's his recent work on older women that's getting attention around the world.

TODAY Style spoke to Agakishiev's manager (the artist himself doesn't speak English) to learn more.

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The gorgeous transformations are part of a year-long project, manager Konul Seyidova said, inspired by a time when Agakishiev did makeup for a friend in her 60s who was heading to a wedding and wanted a new look.

"He did her makeup and totally changed her," Seyidova said.

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It sparked the idea for a new project, involving 12 women — one for each month — whose makeup he does for free before posting the dramatic transformations on Instagram. Seyidova and Agakishiev affectionately refer to the women as "Miss January" and "Miss February" and so on. The artist, 32, is currently working on "Miss August."

Each session takes at least two hours and involves hair, too, Seyidova said.

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"He's a very ambitious person and always looking for a challenge," she added. "He wants to make them look at least 10 years younger."

And while we're firm believers that women are beautiful at any age, Agakishiev does just that — and we bet the women are more than happy with the finished product.

Now photos of the makeovers have gone viral, with fans applauding his work and many asking for his secrets — a common inquiry is about what foundation he uses. Agakishiev, who has 128,000 followers on Instagram, is grateful for all the buzz, Seyidova said.

"All this attention from around the world — he was really happy," she said.