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Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge recreates 2,000 years of makeup history on YouTube

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge takes viewers through the history of makeup with this gorgeous video.
/ Source: TODAY

We often notice how people dressed differently in past eras, but their clothing isn't the only thing that has changed over time; it includes hair and makeup.

Lisa Eldridge, a London-based makeup artist and the creative director for Lancôme, recently released a video called “Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History #FacePaintBook” that gives a glimpse into the standout makeup moments throughout time, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Eldridge, 41, was inspired to create the video — which sees her mastering a number of yesteryear’s signature looks — while researching her new book, “Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup.”

“I kept thinking about this idea that, if I had a time machine, where and when would I want to be transported back to? What were the best and worst moments in history to be a makeup lover?” Eldridge told in an email.

Eldridge applied all the makeup herself, but did borrow some key items when it came to wardrobe.

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“I borrowed some amazing costumes from The National Theatre and vintage jewelry from Linda Bee. My friends and hairstylists Syd Hayes and Hannah-Joy Bull made the incredible wigs for me,” Eldridge said.

The makeup guru touted several looks in the video, including those from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, medieval times, 16th century Venice, mid-18th century France, Queen Victoria’s England, the silent movie era and the '20 flapper look, as well as a handful of contemporary styles.

While Eldridge can master any look from any time, she does have a few favorites, along with some trends she isn’t so crazy about.

“The sixties is definitely one of my favorite eras,” Eldridge said. “There were so many icons, like Julie Christie and Brigitte Bardot, whose look still inspires us today. I love the focus on the eyes with cat eyeliner and spidery lashes, teamed with statement pale lips.”

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“I don’t really have a least favorite but as a makeup obsessive, I can’t imagine living in a period like the Victorian era, where makeup was considered ‘vulgar and unladylike.'”

Ultimately though, Eldridge doesn’t favor any of the past looks over those of the present.

“I definitely think we are in the most exciting time right now,” Eldridge said. “Individuality is respected and we have so much more choice.”