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/ Source: TODAY
By Erin Clements

One comic-book fan has developed a superpower of her own: transforming herself and others into her favorite characters using face paint.

Lianne Moseley, a 25-year-old makeup artist in Calgary, Alberta, has re-created the looks of She-Hulk, Superman, Captain Planet and other recognizable superheroes.

Moseley told that she spent about two or three hours on Archer, while Aquaman took between four and five. But her most challenging project yet was a tribute to Leonard Nimoy that she created after the "Star Trek" icon's recent death.

"I wanted to get it just right and the style was totally different than just mimicking a comic book — and I wanted to pay tribute accordingly," she said. "It took a long time and a lot of fiddling, but I was pretty happy with the result."

Moseley, who honed her impressive skills while working at a cosmetics counter for several years, said she's developed her contouring technique through "lots and lots of practice."

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"I've watched many YouTube tutorials and much of my free time is spent at my vanity experimenting and playing with different looks. My parents also put me in art classes as a child, and much of it has transferred over into my ability to shade and paint in makeup."

Moseley added that her favorite character to re-create has been Archer.

"He was my first real attempt on myself in this particular genre," she said. "I look back on it and although there are a few things I would improve on, I'm still really pleased with the result."


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This story was originally published on March 6 at 6:20 p.m.