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These are officially the cheesiest manicures you'll ever see

by Embry Roberts / / Source: TODAY

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Say hello to the greatest thing since sliced bread ... paired with a cheese plate.

Swiss cheese nails have arrived and we are "hole-ly" on board.

Remember when a French manicure was the ultimate fashion statement?

Well, we would argue that this is the true French manicure. It does pair well with the spirit of the lactose-loving European nation (or wine, for that matter).

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The key to the perfect cheese manicure is creating actual 3-D holes. This can be achieved several different ways, depending on your skill level and/or commitment.

Option one is to use acrylics, which can be pre-treated to create holes and ragged ends that look more like the texture of cheese. When topped with a bright yellow polish and contoured with orange (if you're feeling ambitious) the result is cheesy perfection worthy of a bowl of macaroni.

Option two is to lay the polish on thick and carve out holes using a toothpick dipped in nail polish remover. It might take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be looking "gouda!"

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Option three is a more short-term option if, say, you need to attend a Green Bay Packers game the night before a job interview. Try a decal, like this one from Bundle Monster:

While the look is more cartoonish than your regular polish change, it's a great way to see if you can handle the cheesy comments you'll get.

Do you "dairy" try it?

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