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Spread the love with Valentine's gifts for everyone from your cat to your boss!

This Valentine's Day, show your mom, your brother or even your boss that you think they're pretty sweet with thoughtful gifts.
/ Source: TODAY

Valentine’s Day isn't just about amour. This year, show your mom, your brother or even your boss that you think they’re pretty sweet with thoughtful gifts delivered right to their door.

For your sweet sis: Gilded chocolates

Chocolates always hit the spot, but these temptations are truly a thing of beauty. Made of fine Belgian white chocolate and embellished with gold leaf, they’ll give your big sis a welcome moment of bliss. (Lock and Key chocolates, $24,

For your teenage niece: Blushing bronzer

Two parts bronzer and one part blush, this compact will have pride of place in her locker — and you’ll be crowned the coolest aunt on earth. (Too Faced Soul Mates blushing bronzer, $34,

For your dad: Gourmet snack box

He’ll be beaming at the mailman when he gets this delicious gift of indie sweets from his daughter. It’s packed with chocolate-dipped pretzels, fancy gummy bears and hard candies that are too good to share. (Mouth Valentine taster, $40,

For your bestie: Trinket dish

Every time she places her rings in this witty dish and hears that satisfying clink, she’ll think of her BFF. (Kate Spade Posy Court heart dish, $4,

For your new boyfriend: Sexy little candle

Candles evoke warmth in dimly lit rooms — the perfect message to send to a new paramour. And since the price isn't too steep, there’s no need to worry you’re spending too much too soon. Or if you're not ready for a gift that uses the word "love," there are plenty of other options. (Tatine Tisane candle, $18.95,

For your roomie: Flannel pajamas

You’ve spent many an evening watching rom-coms in your cozies. Now treat your roommate to the ultimate lounging outfit, sewn from soft cotton flannel. (H&M flannel pajamas, $24.95,

For your kindest coworker: Tinted lip balm

Delight your favorite cubicle mate with the ultimate luxury lip salve from Fresh, all dressed up in a limited edition rose print case. (Fresh Sugar Rosé Extreme Lip Treatment, $22.50,

For your workout buddy: Next-gen water bottle

In the war of the water bottles, this is our current fave. Made of silicone-sheathed glass that’s grippy and sleek, it’s perfect for the pal who motivates you on that 6 a.m. run. (Also available in black if he or she is the Crossfit type!) (bkr glass bottle, $32,

For your favorite bro: Blackout ice cream

It’s true, shipping ice cream seems like a crazy idea. But when it’s swirled with chocolate stout cake pieces and dark chocolate pudding, it’s worth the effort to impress your foodie brother. (Bklyn Blackout ice cream, $10,

For your not-so-bad boss: Sugarwish delivery

It can be tricky to find an appropriate gift for the head honcho. Enter Sugarwish. The recipient gets an alert that he or she has been granted a “sugarwish” and gets to pick their four favorite types of candy, which are packaged beautifully and shipped right to their door. No awkward in-person gift-giving required! (Sugarwish, $25 at

For your sweet kitty: Crochet catnip toy

Let’s be honest: Who gives you more cuddles than your cat? Keep him or her entertained with this made-in-the-USA catnip Valentine. (Double Devotion catnip toy, $8,

For your loving mom: Nesting heart bowls

Available in milky pink, icy blue or chic navy, this set of nesting bowls will look gorgeous on mom’s vanity, bookshelf or kitchen counter. Consider it an upgrade from those grade school pottery projects she still has on display. (JD Wolfe heart bowls, $36,

For your gorgeous grandma: Decorated sugar cubes

She always has a pot of tea in the afternoon, and these delicately decorated sugar cubes will make her ritual even more indulgent. (Chambre de Sucre 25-piece floral sugar set, $22,

For your pint-sized cousin: Wubble Bubble Ball

One of the coolest new toys around, the Wubble is refreshingly low-tech. It’s essentially a super-stretchy, ultra-squishy translucent ball that inflates up to three feet in diameter. Your youngest relatives will have a blast tossing it, kicking it and even sitting on it. (Wubble Bubble Ball, $19.99,

For your elegant aunt: Chocolate-rose tea

Harney & Sons blended black tea leaves, chocolate and rosebuds into this aromatic Valentine’s tea. Buy it in sachets, loose in a tin or packaged with chocolates and cookies. (Harney & Sons Valentine’s Blend, $3.75 and up,

For a faraway client: Gourmet rice cereal treats

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be chocolate overload. Impress a business connection with this unexpected collection of marshmallow-y treats. (Treat House 12-pack, $24 and up,