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See how Lush's salt scrub is made from start to finish

by Emily Slawek /

Did you know that Lush’s Ocean Salt body and face scrub is made with lime, grapefruit and ... vodka? Yes, we're talking about best-selling body scrub, not a cocktail!

As part of our series called "The Follow" — where we see how one product is created from start to finishTODAY Style visited the Lush factory in Toronto to watch how this delicious-smelling scrub is created.

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The Ocean Salt scrub has been an all-time favorite of customers for some time — and for a good reason. With two different salts and a tofu/glycerin mixture, the scrub is an smoothing exfoliating product. It can instantly transform dry and dull skin into to a glamorous, glowing masterpiece. Bye-bye snake skin, hello soft, smooth, touchable skin!

All of the ingredients are vegan while the included alcohol makes it self-preserving without harsh chemicals. Can it get any better?

Watch the video above to see the secrets of how the scrub is made and what makes it so swoon-worthy. And for another behind-the-scenes look at Lush products, see how their famous Intergalactic Bath Bomb is made from start to finish in the video below.

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