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A Lululemon recruitment scam is going viral on Instagram

Beware of fake social media posts recruiting "Lululemon ambassadors."
/ Source: TODAY

The old saying still applies: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The athletic wear company Lululemon is warning shoppers not to fall for a scam making the rounds on Instagram.

The fake promotion, which was apparently shared by a scam Instagram account called “lulurecruitment,” claims that Lululemon is recruiting people to become ambassadors for the brand in 2019, with the promise of free clothing and other products, monthly gift cards and discounts and access to newly released clothing.

The scam post keeps popping up on different, fake Lululemon recruitment

Requirements for entering the competition include having 150 Instagram followers, following the “lulurecruitment” account and reposting the ad on your own page.

The "lulurecruitment" page has amassed 352,000 followers by publish time and the original post was liked and shared thousands of times.

But the promotion is 100 percent fake.

“We're not associated with this account and have already looped in our brand protection team — they are on it!” Lululemon confirmed on Twitter Friday.

The original post has been taken down, but several copycat Instagram pages have been popping up to share the scam promotion, with similar names like “lulurecruitmentofficial” and “lulurecruitment2019.”

This image also popped up on one of the fake recruitment

Some of these fake accounts created in the past day have already racked up thousands of followers, meaning that many people are still falling for the bogus ads.

But Lululemon has a simple way for users to know whether a post is really from Lululemon.

“You'll know an account is ours if it has a blue verified check mark,” the brand said on Twitter.

The company also pointed out that they do have a real ambassador program, with recruitment information available on their official website.

TODAY Style reached out to Lululemon for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

Unfortunately, internet scams like this tend to pop up around the holidays. A fake, $200 Kroger coupon made the rounds leading up to Black Friday, and a "secret sister" holiday gift exchange scam recently went viral on Facebook.

Bottom line, beware any deals that sound unbelievable — because they probably are!