How Louis Vuitton is making sure you have even less chance of ever affording their bags

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louis vuitton

If all those collaborations between expensive designers and affordable retailers like Target, Kohl’s and H&M had you thinking that the fashion world was ready to make their styles more accessible to the masses, along comes Louis Vuitton to burst your wishful bubble.

High-end isn’t enough for the luxury brand. Women’s Wear Daily reports that Darren Spaziani, an accessories designer who has worked for Balenciaga, Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenberg, and previously for Louis Vuitton, is now back on board to create “very high-end” leather pieces.

"The key hire—and thrust into hyper-luxury—is the latest signal of a more elitist direction for Vuitton, which is eager to burnish its brand positioning and leadership amidst cooling luxury demand in many markets,” WWD reports.

Apparently, a market for “very high-end” does exist—and is thriving. According to Reuters, while Louis Vuitton's overall sales have dipped, the brand’s more expensive bags—notably the $5,150 Capucines, which currently is sold out online, has been a top seller in Europe.

Not that we can’t appreciate a luxury leather bag (trust us, we’d happily accept one this holiday season…Santa? Can you hear us? We've been really, really good.). But for five grand there better at least be a pair of shoes, a bracelet and possibly airline tickets tucked in there, too. But that’s just the view from the other 99.9 percent.

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