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Look your best! Tips on traveling in style

Whether it's planes, trains or automobiles, you can still look fresh and fabulous while traveling.  TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas has the posh plan to looking glamorous before, during and after you arrive at your destination.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

“Yes, ladies, you can look glamorous even on the go! The key to looking chic is all about effortless style. Functional fashion and double-duty beauty are just a few of my favorite things.” Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor and author of the Buzz for “In Touch Weekly,” helps you take off this hectic holiday season like a polished pro.

What to wear in the air
Ahh, the jet-set life. How often do you see images of stylish celebs globetrotting about on a swanky yacht? Or picture-perfect supermodels posed on the stairs of a private plane for handbag ads? And think, “Yeah, right.” Well, believe it! The aspirational ease depicted is attainable, and you can pull it off too with a few key pieces. Start with a tunic-dress and leggings as your base, and then invest in a “cardi-wrap.” With this practical piece you are basically wearing a blanket! But the drape of the design suggests you have a graceful elegance and flow as you move about. Frequent fliers like myself covet designs from ($138-$168), ($160-$345), and Classic riding boots will not only refine your ensemble, but also serve as fashionable flat footwear to keep you moving comfortably. Last but not least, add a pair of oversize shades and a scarf, and ditch the diamonds. La Leash necklaces will organize and hold personal devices, passports and other travel tools. What you saw on TODAY Cardi-wrap: Splendid tunic-dress: $68-$288, Leggings: $15-$30, 'Weslyn' boot: $348, Necklaces: $85-$125,

And don't forget to treat yourself to a little TLC with these on-the-go extras. offers neck pillows, slippers and eye masks covered in cozy cashmere ($45-$200), while's plush Nap collection — with everything from blankets to booties — will help you sleep like a baby with their heavenly soft and smooshy pieces ($20-$75). If you want to wrap up like a little one, check out these ergonomic cocoons from ($99.99) and ($29.95)! Lastly, Airplus aloe-infused socks ($4.99, are a fantastic way to treat your feet.

Flying tends to take the hydration out of your skin, so remember to moisturize in mid-air! For a multipurpose salve, Rosebud will replenish your lips and tame your flyaways at the same time. SheerinO'kho's First Class Flight is a luxury cream that will help you hydrate from high above ($105;, while Rodial offers a Glam Balm that you can put to use in 100 ways, and a Catwalk set that will help you glow on the go ($28-$95, And Make Up For Ever's Mist & Fix will protect skin against external damage caused by temperature changes, pollution and other skin irritants while freshening up your makeup ($8;

And finally, give in to your chocolate cravings. Delta serves Godiva's Chocoiste to all their passengers in first class, and since they are all individually packaged and under 3 oz., you can carry them on and give yourself an upgrade (Secret Stash, $26, After all, you're on vacation!

What to tote on a plane, train or boat Everyone has baggage — might as well make yours stand out from the crowd! Isaac Mizrahi's large rolling Gingham Duffel ($69.99, and Flocked's Duffle Bag with wheels ($75, are both under $100. And with such fun designs, they'll prevent you from being thought of as a "plane" Jane traveler! If you're looking for a stylish splurge, Terrida's Hold All with wheels is the ultimate in luxury ($510 and up, But don't be afraid to mix it up a bit. Your luggage doesn't all have to match, and you can often find fashionable pieces from name brands at discount stores like T.J. Maxx and Tuesday Mornings.

Finalize your style itinerary with a luxe designer accessory such as passport covers from Tracey Ross ($195; or a versatile travel clutch from YSL ($395-$1,000) — these are not a trend of today gone tomorrow; they're investment items you'll have forever. And document your journey in detail with Louis Vuitton's Travel Notebooks, which boast creative covers for different cities ($81;

Metropolis offers travel irons that retract and have cordless capabilities so you can literally straighten out your headrest-creased hair as the plane descends! Slip these small irons inconspicuously into your bag and your locks will look like they were professionally primped ($129-$139, And Trish McEvoy's beauty planners will keep you organized every day — and they're perfect for zipping up and zooming off with on a whim ($49-$295;

Finally, if you're bringing Felix or Fido with you, Komfort Pets offers climate-controlled pet carriers with both heating and cooling capabilities ($299; It's your pet's ticket to smart and stylish travel!