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'Lollipop lips' are the weirdest beauty trend of the year

This strange look — known as "lollipop lips" — originated on the Preen runway at London Fashion Week and has taken off ever since.
/ Source: TODAY

You know that awkward thing that happens after you swig from a coffee cup or eat a particularly large lunch? You might find yourself with remnants of your perfectly applied lipstick all around your mouth and down to your chin. Well, congratulations! You've just mastered the "lollipop lipstick" trend.

This, um, unique look originated on the runways of London Fashion Week at the Preen show and has taken off among the Instagram set in the past few weeks.

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It was designed for the show by MAC Cosmetics using a "Ruby Woo" colored lip pencil combined with their famously shiny "Lipglass" gloss.

Lollipop lips at Preen
A model shows off her messy beauty look during London fashion week. Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

The result? A look that mimics the messy effect one might get after sucking on a lollipop, but it basically looks like a little kid got too excited while eating a cherry ice pop on the Fourth of July.

This trend is actually perfect for anyone who can't seem to master coloring inside the lines, but we have to imagine that it would lend itself to some awkward conversations if trying to explain the disheveled look to the uninitiated.

Lollipop lipstick trend
Models pose wearing this messy lipstick trend backstage at the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi runway show on Feb. 19.Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

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Either way it looks like this trend is picking up steam ... so well done, 2017! You're officially weirder than 2016.