Lingerie store removes skinny mannequins after social media complaints

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By Eun Kyung Kim

A thin, bony mannequin used in an upscale lingerie store has created a social media outcry, prompting the intimate apparel company La Perla to remove it from the New York store that started the controversy and pull similar ones from all of its boutiques.

The backlash began after a Twitter user in Manhattan posted a picture he took of a mannequin that had a prominent rib cage, protruding hip bones and a concave stomach.



The photo quickly went viral on Twitter, spreading with the help of the hashtag #NotBuyingIt.” One Twitter user called the model “unacceptable” and another described it as “irresponsible and harmful” to young girls who already have body image issues.





LaPerla quickly responded by pulling the mannequin from its New York window. The brand also released a statement via Twitter saying the mannequin "will not be used again by any La Perla boutique" and thanked everyone who brought the issue to the company's attention. 

"We are in the process of redesigning all La Perla stores with a new concept image and the mannequins that are currently displayed in our US stores will no longer be used," the company said. 

TODAY anchors weighed in Friday, agreeing they found the mannequin disturbing.

“There’s no question that mannequin is emaciated,” Natalie Morales said.

Al Roker questioned how such a look could help sales: "That doesn’t look good...That’s not going to sell anything."

Willie Geist agreed. “From a guy’s point of view, that’s not attractive," he said. "For women, if you’re thinking we like that, we don’t like that."