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Let your name pick out your outfit in this funny challenge

The silly social media challenge is all about your first name.
The latest social media challenge has Twitter users Googling their first name to generate outfit ideas.
The latest social media challenge has Twitter users Googling their first name to generate outfit ideas.Twitter
/ Source: TODAY

In desperate need of some outfit inspiration? Just try searching for tops, pants and shoes whose product features your first name. At least, that's how Twitter users are putting together new outfit ideas as part of a new social media challenge.

Here's how it works: Head over to Google, type in your first name followed by the word "tops" and see what kind of shirts the search engine finds for you. Next, do the same with your name and the words "pants," "shoes" or "accessories," and create an outfit based off the first search results you come across.

So, how did this unconventional clothing challenge come about? It all started in October when Twitter user @briarhoes, whose real name is Athena, posted the following message to her account: "wait guys this is so fun search (your name) tops, bottoms/pants, shoes, and accessories and make an outfit from the first results this is so close to being a look."

The accompanying outfit collage caught some attention, and Athena's post quickly garnered over 16,000 likes and over 1,000 retweets.

Athena told TODAY Style she got the idea for the fun exercise after seeing a friend post something similar on their Twitter account. "I thought it looked fun. I wasn’t expecting it to get seen by so many people!" she said.

In recent weeks, the fun experiment has exploded on social media, and Twitter users seem to be having a blast discovering the wonderful and wacky outfit combos they can create.

Many social media users have been pleasantly surprised with the outfits they've generated.

Then again, some weren't so thrilled with their results.

A lot of folks ended up with outfits that mostly matched.

But some were just scared of their suggested "looks."

Alas, the experiment ended up introducing some Twitter users to a few pieces that struck their fancy.

After initially sharing the experiment in October, Athena muted her post, so she wasn't aware that it had begun gaining traction once again in May. But she's not surprised that other social media users are embracing the fun exercise.

"With everybody being isolated from each other I’ve noticed an uptick in these little quizzes and memes on social media. They’re a fun little way to pass the time and feel connected to other people," she said. "And you can get some pretty wacky responses from the outfit meme, since not everything that shows up is clothing and what clothing does show up often does not make for a coherent outfit."

Looks like outfit inspiration can come from just about anywhere!