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Less is more! How to give your beauty routine a break this summer

This summer, give your average beauty regimen a much-needed break.
/ Source: TODAY

It is so easy to get caught up in adding more to our beauty routine. Do we really need highlighter, eyebrow pencils and blonder than blond hair?

Hairstylists and beauty experts Louis Licari and Rodney Cutler are here to say that less can absolutely be more!

Licari and Cutler agreed that many women fall into the trap of overstyling, which makes them look older than they often suspect. The key to changing that is to embrace the natural look, especially during the summer.

To demonstrate, they gave two volunteers, Kathleen and Emily, makeunders that prove looking beautiful doesn't have to mean overly styled hair or a full face of makeup.

Kathleen, a 68-year-old mom and bus aide from Delaware, has never felt complete without a full face of makeup and says that she’s “addicted” to her dark purple eyeshadow. She’s been dying her hair a brassy blond for years, and curlers and other hair-styling products make regular appearances in her beauty routine.

Soften Your Look For Summer Segment
Kathleen before her makeunder, wearing her favorite purple eye shadow.TODAY

But Licari and Cutler showed her that the key to freshening up her look is going back to the basics. With a more natural hair color and minimal makeup, Kathleen’s new, softer self is simply gorgeous.

Soften Your Look For Summer Segment
And here's Kathleen in her new, fresh look! TODAY

Meanwhile, Emily, a real estate agent and mom from New York, typically spends a lot of time on her highly-polished look each day.

Soften Your Look For Summer Segment
Emily preferred bright blond hair and a smokey eye before her makeunder.TODAY

Licari and Cutler said it's time to cut out the highlighted hair and smokey eyes. They swapped her highlights for a richer hair color and toned down her makeup for a fresher, younger vibe.

Soften Your Look For Summer Segment
Now, Emily is trying out a softer, more natural look.TODAY

This summer, give your everyday beauty regimen a much-needed break. You’ll buy yourself extra time in the morning while letting your true beauty shine through!