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LED face masks make stars looks scary now, but may bring beauty later

Anti-aging efforts have long been all the rage, and that holds true nowhere more than Hollywood.
/ Source: TODAY

Anti-aging efforts have long been all the rage. And that holds true nowhere more than Hollywood — where looking younger isn't just a fun pursuit for celebrities. It's practically part of the job.

So it's no wonder a new device is catching on in popularity, despite the fact that it looks like it belongs in a sci-fi/horror film.

Hard plastic LED face masks, like the IlluMask seen on an unrecognizable Jessica Alba above, use red or blue lights (for collagen boosting and acne busting respectively) to transform skin.

And stars, like Alba, swear by them.

In a caption on Instagram, "Grey's Anatomy's" Lauren Stamile called a similar mask "Part of my daily 'beauty' regimen. Literally. (but it totally works and is not expensive!) #illumask #ProudToBeMe."

And the trend isn't limited to Tinseltown:

But if you're not quite ready for a beauty solution that requires a power source, don't worry! You can still jump on the allegedly anti-aging (and more) mask bandwagon with a hugely popular — and just as creepy looking — sheet mask.

That's what the TODAY gang did recently when they tried a variety of Patchology FlashMasques.

The things we do in the name of beauty!

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