Love don't cost a thing ... if you DIY your last-minute Valentine's Day gift!

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/ Source: TODAY
By Mary Peffer

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, as in this weekend (gulp!). For those of us who procrastinate and are living on a budget, it’s too late to avoid a hefty fee for expedited shipping. Never fear, is here! We've scouted out some last-minute DIY options that’ll have your sweetheart swooning over your efforts (and are essentially free!).

Picture perfect

Gone are the days of photo books and picture frames, save those for big milestones like your wedding day. These days, most of us simply have a virtual photo collection or perhaps a glorified shoe box to store all of our precious memories. Convert that forgotten box of goodies (or Facebook album) into creative wall art for your honey. We love the idea of a simple heart-shaped collage or going the extra romantic mile and mounting the photos above the bed.

Handmade hack

Crafting cards was cute when we were kids and it’s still just as adorable today. If you take the effort to actually make it from scratch, we have to imagine that even the tiniest Valentine's Grinch heart would grow three sizes. Create your own card using household supplies and draft your personalized love note in colored pencil for that extra DIY effect. Not the artistic type? We hear ya, keep it easy by using a pre-made printout and adding a handwritten note inside.

Food Service

Stay with us, we know that feeding your significant other isn't groundbreaking, but there are ways to make it much more creative. This Valentine’s day falls on a weekend (rejoice!), so take the time to craft brunch into a scrumptious scene they'll remember — and likely brag about to their friends.

Mix it Up

While we've bid adieu to CDs and mixed tapes, giving the gift of music remains one of the most romantic gestures. Whether you’re a Spotify member or stick to your iTunes account, you can create a playlist à la Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom in their cult classic, "Elizabethtown." Fill it with music that’ll make him or her think of you and all of the amazing memories you've created together.

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This article was originally published Feb. 13, 2015 at 1:52 p.m. ET.