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Lady Gaga debuts lilac-colored hair — and fans are loving it!

The singer's hair looks streaked with light purple in a new photo shared by her fiancé, Christian Carino.
/ Source: TODAY

Lady Gaga appears to have dyed her hair lilac — and her fans are loving it!

In a new photo shared to Instagram by her fiancé, Christian Carino, the "Born This Way" singer sports light purple hair, something she last did nearly a decade ago.

In the photo, the pop chameleon is seen dressed down in a leather jacket and an Iron Maiden T-shirt and sitting in front of a lovely fountain overflowing with water.

Gaga's ever-changing hair, which was most recently platinum — unless you count her dark locks in "A Star Is Born"now looks to be streaked with a lovely lilac ... or would you call that lavender?

"Fountain of kindness," Carino captioned the shot.

When it comes to her hair, Gaga has been through the whole rainbow — and even a few colors outside it. (Hello, pink!)

Lady Gaga on cover of August 2009 Billboard magazine
Gaga in her purple wig on the cover of the August 2009 Billboard magazine.Billboard

But purple is a color we haven't seen on the Grammy winner since 2009, when she took to wearing a series of flamboyant lavender wigs. She even wrote about loving "lavender blond" hair in her 2009 song "So Happy I Could Die."

From their comments this week, fans seem to be flipping for the new color.

"She is giving me all the life rn," one admirer wrote beneath Carino's pic.

"omg HER HAIR!" gushed another.

"Beautiful," chimed in several more.

Count us among the admirers because we love it, too!