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Kylie Jenner shows off her real hair... and it's blonde

Some may call it bronde.
/ Source: TODAY

Self-isolation has been bringing out our most authentic selves. We're ditching make-up, razors, and even pants to cope with the uncertain times. Celebs are joining our call for comfortable, like Ariana Grande who showed off her curly locks as opposed to the high pony tail she is known for.

Well, Kylie Jenner also took to Instagram to show off her real hair sans extensions, and we can't help but be a little surprised at what we see.

The 22-year-old beauty boss shared a short clip of herself in quarantine in her stories. What we see is a short, messy shoulder-length bob, that is more honey brown blonde than the usual darker tones she is known for.

She also seems to be make-up free in the candid moment, even though she did opt for a butterfly filter that touched up her complexion.

The light caramel color is a nod to how she she been wearing her hair lately. The reality star shared a picture with her extensions in a few weeks ago, a warm departure from her usual sleek black hair.

This isn't the first time the world's youngest billionaire has shared her natural hair.

In February, Jenner let her followers know that she got a bob haircut that may or may not have been an accident. She tagged celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero and said he cut off all her hair when she just asked for a trim.

Later, in early March, she took to her Instagram Stories to share herself post shower, and in that, her real hair can be seen as shoulder length. But with it wet, the real color can be hard to decipher.

We love seeing the beauty mogul share so many different sides of herself, and we hope to see even more as we all stay home to slow the spread.