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Kristine & Eric

Tampa, Florida

About the bride: Kristine is a 28-year-old teacher currently living in Tampa, Florida.

About the groom: Eric is a 29-year-old bartender who is passionate about writing, sports and cooking.

Time together: Seven years

Engagement date: July, 24, 2004

Why he's the one: "Eric's passion, energy and thoughtfulness overwhelm me everyday."

Why she's the one: "Her beauty intrigued me in the beginning, but now it's about her heart... her intellect. That's why I love her."

Kristine and Eric can't deny that there were sparks when they were first introduced by a mutual friend, but little did they know that only months later they would be reunited and fall deeply in love.

Kristine and her girlfriends were going on a fun, "girls-only" spring break trip to Cancun. No guys, period. But when both Kristine and Eric discovered that the other would be there, the "no boys allowed" trip didn't go exactly as planned. Even before boarding the plane, their love had already taken flight to a lasting romance.

The couple spent quality time together, really getting to know one another during that spring break trip and continued to date after their return. Eric's positive attitude and wacky sense of humor never failed to make Kristine happy. However, it wasn't all fun and laughs for Kristine, who received the devastating news that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Eric already knew how Kristine felt. When the couple first met, Eric's mother was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and shortly after they started dating was when Kristine's mother was also diagnosed. Kristine was in shock, but in the midst of her despair she was able to witness Eric's sensitivity, support, and caring. Seeing this, especially so early on in their courtship, only confirmed that he was the one for her. Both of their mothers are now breast cancer survivors. Eric and Kristine know that depending on each other during difficult times is the basis of their unbreakable bond and love.

On a trip to St. Martin island, during a stroll along the beach, Eric got down on one knee and professed his love for Kristine. He had bought Kristine's engagement ring months before, but he had been waiting for the right time and couldn't wait any longer. Kristine was speechless and screamed "Yes"!

Eric and Kristine didn't expect to fall in love during spring break, but luckily for them, what happened in Cancun didn't stay in Cancun.