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Kate Winslet shares her delightfully down-to-earth beauty routine

When not on the red carpet, the 42-year-old Oscar winner favors a low-maintenance daily regimen.
/ Source: TODAY

Some celebs feel the need to be fully done up at all times, but Kate Winslet isn’t one of them.

In a recent — and very candid — interview with British Vogue, the 42-year-old got real about everything from her fondest makeup memories (“I remember the smell of kiwi lip balm from The Body Shop when my older sister got some in her Christmas stocking. And I also recall some fun dabbling with electric blue mascara.”) and biggest blunders, to her anti-aging secrets and off-duty regimen.

When asked how she preps for a big event, the Oscar winner had this to say: “First off, I have to say right away that sleep and health play a big part in looking fresh ... I do try and look after myself in the few days running up to that moment. Nothing fancy or expensive but I'm 42 now, so I can't get away with murder anymore! So my top tip would be water. Water, water, water. Keep the body hydrated and the skin will follow suit.”

She also copped to doing her own makeup for the red carpet, once or twice. “There are some days when I just don't like all the fuss and faff that can come with lots of people prodding and fiddling with your face and hair. It's hard to explain, especially since sometimes it's lovely to be glammed up like that. But I'm a pretty low-key, low-maintenance person, and I like to keep life as normal as I can around me. So doing my own makeup is reassuring in that regard. It sort of normalizes a red-carpet moment, which — let’s face it — is FAR from normal!”

And while she favors Lancôme for getting camera ready (no surprise given that she’s been a brand ambassador for the past decade), her daily routine is delightfully down to earth. In fact, the mother of three pulls herself together in just five minutes.

She wears a super-thin layer of foundation, curls her lashes with a Shu Uemura Curler, but skips mascara in the daytime (“Got to preserve the dwindling lashes”), and swipes By Terry Baume de Rose on her lips.

One thing she’ll never do? Go to bed without removing her makeup. Her go-to formula is Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser.

Winslet isn’t the only A-lister who takes a pared-down approach to beauty. Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman and Katie Holmes also prefer to keep it simple. Proving yet again that stars really are just like us ... at least sometimes.