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Kate Spade's husband shares moving tribute 1 year after her death

Andy Spade took to Instagram to share a meaningful picture and an emotional message in honor of his late wife.
Kate Spade and husband Andy Spade
Celebrated designer Kate Spade died one year ago, on June 5, 2018, and to mark that sad anniversary, her husband took to Instagram with a beautiful memorial message.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Wednesday marked one year since the death of designer and entrepreneur Kate Spade, but when her husband, Andy Spade, penned a tribute to her one day later, he focused on her life.

And he shared a photo that honored her birth.

Kate was born on Christmas Eve, so while a Christmas tree might seem unseasonable in June, the holiday fixture always feels fitting to her widower.

"Dear Katy, this tree is for you," he wrote alongside picture of a small evergreen fir decorated in colorful string lights and a silver star. "Bea and (I) are planting it outside of our big window to keep your magical spirit and energy close to us every day."

Bea is their 14-year-old daughter. She and her father recently moved to a new residence where they plan to place the tree.

"It will bless our new home in California and radiate your essence 365 days a year," Andy continued his post. "You were illumines and we feel your presence wherever we go. I want to thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you gave me over the years. For your beauty, intelligence and grace under pressure. For your boundless generosity, unflappable honesty and kindness to all living things. For your strength, courage and conviction to your ideals. For your belief in me and so many others. For your infectious laughter and sharp wit. There was never a dull moment with you."

Thursday's Instagram tribute marked the third time Andy has shared a photo of a Christmas tree to honor Kate since her death by suicide in 2018.

His memorial message included comments about their special bond, shared interests and his wife's innate ability to both counter and complement him.

"You were and still are my Superwoman," he added.

And a Superwoman to many others, too. The 56-year-old wrote of the celebrated designer's influence on those around her who were "inspired through the example you set in the way you lived and the work you created."

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There's absolutely no doubt about that sentiment. Earlier on Thursday, fans, family and friends — including Andy's brother, David Spade — shared their own messages on social media to make clear the impact Kate had on their lives.

"May your bright, multicolored spirit shine down on us every day," Andy added as he neared the end of the tribute. "Heaven is lucky to have you but please know you are truly missed by us still here on earth."