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/ Source: TODAY
By Aly Walansky

Being a member of the royal family means always looking the part, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is at the top of her game, whether it's a state dinner or a sporting event.

The former Kate Middleton is known for having some incredible hairstyles on various tours and appearances, especially her signature blowout, but she was decidedly sportier at the King's Cup regatta on Aug. 8, rocking a fierce ponytail with a casual baseball cap.

The wavy ponytail had the trifecta: texture, bounce and shine.Andrew Matthews / Getty Images

The King’s Cup, a sailing race where Prince William and the duchess are going head-to-head for their respective charities, was rescheduled to a day earlier due to weather forecasts. Still, a sailing race during the summer in England during even the best weather conditions is not going to be great hair weather, so the ponytail-and-hat combo seems like a smart choice. But how did she manage to make it look so cute?

The beauty of this casual and fun hairstyle is that the likely future queen consort didn’t even need a fresh blowout! This style is great for second-day hair, according to Stephanie Angelone, lead stylist at RPZL, a blowout and hair extension salon based in New York City. Angelone shared her best tips to re-create the look with TODAY Style.

  1. Start with one-day-old, dirty-ish hair.
  2. Use a 1-and-1/4-inch barrel curling iron and create a textured beach wave. She recommends leaving the ends out of the curling iron for a messier, beachy look.
  3. Make sure to curl each piece of hair in a different direction to create more texture and movement.
  4. “Once the hair is fully curled, spray a light texture spray through the curls and shake it out,” said Angelone.
  5. Start teasing at your crown lightly to create some body and height. “Lean your head backward and tie your hair up as high up as you desire,” said Angelone. By leaning your head back, you will prevent that annoying loose bump we get at the nape of our head when trying to get that ponytail just right.
  6. Once it’s up to where you desire, pull out some wispy pieces framing your face and around the nape of your neck. “Play around with it, mess it up a little, don’t be nervous to do this ... that’s the look we are going for,” said Angelone.
  7. Finish off with a little more texture spray. “If you want to get a little experimental, you can take a piece of your ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie and bobby pin (it in) for that fun, done-undone look!” she said.

And what about the hat? Hat hair can be the worst, but the duchess seems to be rocking the style with ease. “This look is made to be messy, so if you put enough texture spray and volume in your hair, the hat won’t ruin it,” said Angelone.