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Kate Middleton had the best reaction when a little girl touched her hair

These truly are locks of love.
/ Source: TODAY

Whenever the Duchess of Cambridge, goes out, she's always a hit. And so, apparently, is her hair!

During a meet-and-greet with the public during a visit to open the Victoria & Albert Museum branch in Dundee, Scotland on Tuesday, the former Kate Middleton smiled for the crowd and shook a lot of hands ... and got close enough for one little girl to take hold of some of her hair.

Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, makes friends as a little girl touches her hair in Dundee, Scotland on January 29.Getty Images

Fortunately, the moment of curiosity was a gentle one; the girl seemed just fascinated by how lustrous and pretty it was. And Kate took it as a gesture of sweetness, too, based on her wide smile and crinkled eyes.

The moment was captured on video too, and you can see where the pair had a moment of conversation and a high-five before the girl reached out for the 37-year-old royal's tresses.

Kate Middleton
The duchess offered high-fives to several people she met on the route. Getty Images

That youngster isn't the only one fascinated by Kate's blowout; TODAY readers were excited enough that we provided an 8-step blowout tutorial in 2017. Known as the "Chelsea blowout" in the UK press, the hairstyle is very popular on both sides of the pond.

Kate Middleton
We imagine her hair is quite soft to the touch!Getty Images

"It's not just about Kate's hair — it is beautifully finished, frizz-free, shiny hair. It's a hairstyle that is well finished," the Duchess of Cambridge's hairstylist, Richard Ward, explained in People magazine.

Kate Middleton
We'd love to know what they were talking about!Getty Images

But the other part of that photo we marvel at is how Kate is totally accepting of a surprise touch by a random member of the public.

Kate Middleton
The duo were only together for seconds, but the image has resonated in the UK and the US.Getty Images

Her smile and high-fives did make a lot of people happy on the route, including a mom with her baby, who had a prime seat sitting on the barrier wall:

Kate Middleton
Everybody loves a baby, including Kate!Getty Images

Her husband Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, should eventually ascend to Britain's throne, but we think we know now who is the hair apparent.

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