Kaley Cuoco gets hair extensions and shows off her new long locks

/ Source: TODAY

Kaley Cuoco doesn't like to stick with the same hairstyle for too long. But starring in a hit sitcom means, for much of the year, she has to look like her character.

So when she wrapped up filming the current season of "The Big Bang Theory," Cuoco went to great lengths to put Penny behind her — by adding length to her hair.

On Wednesday, she shared a photo of her new style in-progress, with some long locks clipped up and others on full display.

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But don't judge the final look by that sneak peek! Later the star showed off the end result, and the new 'do is just gorgeous.

Cuoco thanked her stylist for the "epic color" — a soft brond-to-blond ombre — and added, "Baby's got her hair back."

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The look is lovely, but it isn't quite as major as her last post-season makeover.

Last year, she not only went for a close-cropped style, she also went pink.

And then, even pinker!

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